Daily Routine and Classes in Jordan

Now that classes have begun and I’m finally getting settled here in Jordan, I figured I’d share what my classes and days are like here! Generally speaking, I wake up around 7 every morning, which is a tough adjustment at first, especially since I did everything in my power to not take 8 am classes at Holy Cross. That being said, it gives me plenty of time to shower, eat breakfast and get to Dakhliya Circle to catch my bus. The busses here, which are generally the cheapest way to get around, might be my favorite thing ever. I’m not sure if I have the words to describe them in all of their glory, but riding on them during rush hour is what I think my dad meant when he talked about character-building experiences.

After the bus ride, classes start at nine for me every day.  This semester, I’m taking Modern Standard Arabic, Colloquial Jordanian Arabic, Gender Issues in the Middle East, and Translation. Needless to say, it’s a full course load and its made even harder by the fact English is forbidden in class, but it is very rewarding. All of the classes are very interesting, and all of them utilize real-world material, which is great if you enjoy political science/ international studies.

After class, I’m usually doing homework at the library or a cafe near campus for around two hours. Again, its a lot of work, but luckily we have three day weekends which gives us plenty of time to unwind and explore the city! Speaking of, here are some photos from the past weekend.

Group photo from the Amman Citadel
Roman Amphitheater in Amman


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